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The invitation of Jesus Christ to those seeking fulfillment in life has always been, “Come and Be
My Disciple!" Never once did our Lord ever indicate he wanted anyone to come and simply receive salvation!
Accepting him automatically involved following for the duration of a person's life!
In fact, when his ministry reached a point where thousands of people were flocking to see and hear him,
he finally rebuked the crowd stating, “as individuals they were following him only for the benefit of his miracles
and not for the purpose of surrendering entirely to him.”

Christ’s Invitation Has Been Neglected
In a sincere effort to bring people to Christ, the modern church has too often neglected the example and instruction of our Lord! When an invitation to become a Christian is extended, the emphasis is almost always placed on salvation alone! "Come to Jesus and be ready for heaven plus he will give you so much more." All of this may be true, but it falls short of the command of Jesus in his mission statement to his church in every age. He didn't say go and just convert people, he said, "go, and make disciples!"

People Need to Hear Christ’s Invitation Upfront
The ultimate purpose of his mission is obvious and when people are not informed upfront, they fail to understand the commitment involved, Consequently, they have no clear direction as to what Jesus has planned for their life. Could this be the reason a noted Christian leader evaluates the growth of the modern church as "growth without depth"
and further states, "the extraordinary growth of the church has been numerical ... and there has not been sufficient growth in discipleship."

Our Approach in LLI Discipleship Courses
This is why we have taken a different approach in our LLI discipleship courses! It's Important to not only be sure, of your salvation but also know how to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. This is where the real blessings of the Christian life lie. What's more, from the Bible's point of view, being a Christian should be synonymous with being a committed learner-follower or disciple of Christ. Anything less negates God's perfect plan for your life. Your decision to accept Christ should not be separated from that of being his disciple.

Five Easily Understood Steps Are Involved
As you will learn, this twofold choice involves five easily understood steps:
1. Repentance, 2.Public Confession, 3. Heart Belief, 4.Baptism, 5..A Lifelong Commitment to Discipleship

Living for Christ is the most blessed life on earth. If you are not certain you are Christian and only hope you will go to heaven, then you probably are not! This brief article, however, will show you from God's Word how to be sure!

On the other hand, If you know you’re ready for heaven, but understand little about how to be a true disciple of Christ. this article will point you in the right direction and give you the prescribed path God wants you to follow.